Costa Rica Real Estate For Sale

The fact is either you are looking to buy or to sell some form of property, home, ranch, or business in most cases. That is why you’re here and we want to help. This site allows sellers to list what they have and buyers to find it.

For Sale by Owner or Agent

Now there is question that many of us have when it comes to buying or selling real estate. Many people believe that you can get a better deal when buying if you deal directly with the owner of the property. This is true in some cases but it gives you less protection also. The use of a Costa Rica real estate agent can not only save you money, but can also assist you with there knowledge of the area and the business itself. Most of them have experience with the dangers involved in making purchases without the needed research of a clear title for the property.

Buying Property in Costa Rica

Now comes the real question of experience. If you have bought and sold real estate in the past and know the ropes, you might consider buying a home or property from a private party in Costa Rica. In that case make sure you find an experienced real estate attorney who has a list of clients that can vouch for his or her skills and honesty. If your Spanish is rusty then a bilingual attorney will help indeed.

Be prepared that foreigners pay more than natives. Yes, it sounds a little ridiculous, but it is a fact when making purchases through private parties. Having a native do your negotiation in the beginning can really make a big difference in what you might pay in the end.

Not all Real Estate Agencies are the same

Yes, you probably already know that. Who and where can I get the best selection and the best price? These are just some of the same questions that arise no matter where you are in the world. How hungry is your agent for your business? What kind of commissions do they make off the sale? Just use a salesman’s approach, just like they do to you. Promote yourself as the best buyer and see who really wants your business.