List of Costa Rica Rentals through Classified Ads

You have come to the most modern Costa Rica classified site on the Internet. We provide the owners of apartments, homes, ranches, villas, and condos the opportunity for world exposure so that those of you looking to rent can use one source to find what your looking for.

Homes for Rent

Rental Living RoomOver the years the rental market has become an ever increasing business. The cities are growing at a very fast rate because of new businesses and the matter that more and more people from around the world are moving to Costa Rica. You can use our Elimited’s Classifieds to find what best meets your budget and location needs.


Rentals in Costa Rica for living usually follow the same standard arrangements that they do in other parts of the world. You are required to pay first and last months rent, sign a contract usually from one to three years. Some landlords require a security deposit while others are happy with just the last month of rent being paid up front. Grace periods for payment are almost unheard of, so pay on time or expect a call.



Costa Rica Vacation Rentals

One of the finest ways to enjoy Costa Rica while on vacation is to get a rental on the beach or tucked away in the mountains. It allows you to get the peace and quiet which so many of us desire while on vacation that is not always available at a hotel or lodge. It is very important to make your reservations two to six months in advance. Costa Rica Classifieds from can help you do just that.